Kochvei In the Press

Collaborative Communities – The Key To Family And Career Success For Everyone

Jewish Press
July 24, 2022
"Supporting young families is thus not just one of the highest forms of tzedakah, or the modern-day reconciliation of two age-old Jewish values...."
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Orthodox Union’s Impact Accelerator awards five Jewish communal organizations innovation grants

June 27, 2022
"KHS champions the values of family, community, and education by supporting young Jewish couples who must otherwise choose between family life or continuing their education..."
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Kochvei HaShamayim: Bridging The Gap Between Professional and Family Life

The YU Observer
August 24, 2021
"Kochvei HaShamayim is committed to trying to help various young couples with diverse educational paths and personal goals. ..."
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Kochvei HaShamayim Lets Couples Have the Best of Both Worlds

Jewish Link
August 12, 2021
"Kochvei HaShamayim is launching a Community Building Fellowship (CBF) to establish a symbiotic relationship between couples and communities with nearby universities around the country..."
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