Empowering the Jewish Future

Enabling young Jewish families to pursue graduate and professional education

The Problem We're Solving

Young Jewish couples either forgo professional or graduate school to get married or start a family, or pursue further education but push off getting married or starting a family due to:

  • Exorbitant long-term school loans

    Exorbitant long-term school loans

  • No financial support from immediate family members

    No financial support from immediate family members

  • First generation Americans and college graduates

    First generation Americans and college graduates

Our Solution

Kochvei HaShamayim was founded to be the Jewish community's response to this problem, providing the social infrastructure to support young couples by running programs and initiatives that allow them to realize both their family and career goals. Check out our Initiatives page for more information!

Who We Help

Kochvei is set up to benefit young Jewish couples pursuing higher education. In order to be eligible for the scholarship at least one spouse needs to be pursuing graduate or professional education in one of the following fields:









Information Technology

Feel free to contact us if your intended degree is not on the list.

working on computers together

With your help we can make a difference

Discover how you can help us enable young Jewish families achieve higher degrees.

Our Application Process

We reward scholarships based on candidates' on financial needs, merits, and recommendations.

  • 1

    Submit Required Documents

    Recommendation Letters, Tax returns, Financial Statement, Acceptance Letter, etc.

  • 2

    Submit Your Essays

    As outlined in the application, please see potential prompts.

  • 3

    Financial Info & Demographics

    Parents' occupations, income, tax returns, siblings' names, marital status, etc.

  • 4


    If you are selected, you will be prompted for an inter with the Kochvei Decision Board.